Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cougars in Paris

Photo credit: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

The “Big Eropolis,” an annual erotic trade show, opened last week in Paris. Promoters claim that it is the world’s largest attraction of its kind. Shoppers can find all sorts of message oils, lingerie, sex toys, treats, and other products that cater to adult indoor sports and perversions at the event.

This year, due to the current economic crunch, sales were off by 30%. However, attendance stayed pretty much the same as in previous years. Each attendee paid 30 Euros for admission and got access to vendor goods and services, seminars, and free erotic and striptease side shows.

This 2009 event had a Cougar theme with goCougar, Date a Cougar, UrbanCougar, Cougared, and Man-Cub Club being represented, as well as seminars like "Cougar 101, Pink Parts - Female Sexual Anatomy," and "Nietzsche’s Revenge," with a special Parisian flair. Cougaring is a pioneer movement that has taken Europe by storm.

The Adecco booth had sort of a reverse theme, with old fat guys chasing after young women. However, it was considered rather archaic and attracted very little interest. The freebie at this booth was a little "lechrechaun" squeeze ball that resembles Rush Limbaugh.

I asked if the sex offender database in Paris included cougars, but I couldn’t get a straight answer.

“You must be an American,” the vendor said. Then, a bystander explained that the database was used more like a Google Cougar locator, rather than a deterrent, on a Saturday night. When we logged on, the Google logo looked like a G-string, two boobs, and gray hair on a lemon M&M.

Here is the Adecco video:

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