Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mouse and Rat Carcass Headpiece - London Fashion Week

A 22-year-old French designer, Charlie Le Mindu, designed this headdress using real dead rat and mouse carcasses. It was introduced on the catwalk during Fashion Week in London. He calls it his ‘Bijou’ creation, although I don't see anything dainty about it unless you consider little Topolino in the front row.

He didn't come right out and say that it was a burka or a political statement, but if you stare at it from a distance, you get the feeling that Le Mindu has been subliminally designing Burkas in his sleep at his Riverview condo in New York. Plus, last year, Islamic cleric Sheik Muhammad al-Munajid declared jihad on Mickey Mouse.

Rat tails hang down the front of the piece, which covers the entire face except for a gap to expose the wearer’s eyes.

“I know not everybody likes mice and rats but they can be beautiful. I think the headdress is really cute,” said Le Mindu. “It is better to make rats and mice beautiful than give them to the snakes. I’m actually a vegetarian.”

I don’t expect this creation to ever become a hit at Harrods or Bloomingdale's.

If you've ever wondered how fashion models in general do the catwalk so effortlessly, while designers seem to be sabotaging their efforts, take a look at this Paris Fashion Week video:

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