Monday, August 19, 2013

10,000 Californians Moon Amtrak

by Rose A. Valenta

Every year on the second Saturday of July, thousands of people gather in Laguna Niguel, California, to moon Amtrak.

The annual tradition has been celebrated for the past 35 years and is also known as "Orange County's Mardi Gras." Tailgating is encouraged.

An entire website is dedicated to the event, which is sponsored by a local tavern called Mugs Away Saloon.

Some of the year-round residents have complained of disorderly conduct by attendees, but city council has allowed the event to continue as long as folks don’t drink in public or pee on the fire hydrant outside.

This year, on July 12, 2013, over 10,000 people went loco along the chain link fence across from Mugs Away Saloon in front of an Amtrak locomotive.

The Governor and First Lady did not attend this year's event, so they sent Nancy Pelosi, who did her "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" routine out in front of the 6:24 pm South.

The next event is planned on July 15, 2014 Night Mooning starts promptly at 8:00 pm, bring a flashlight.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rush Jealous of Elena Kagan?

by Rose A. Valenta

Photo Credit: NY Daily News. Is Rush a Kagan Wannabe?

This was the topic of conversation with my Uncle Harry today, other than the NSA, IRS and the economy - Rush is jealous of Elena Kagan. Rush nearly went ballistic over her nomination in 2010 and has been bashing the establishment ever since. If I were to guess, I'd estimate conservatively that he has earned over $50 million bashing President Obama alone - no other skills or talent.

My Uncle Harry came over for dinner tonight and we spent a delightful time bashing Limbaugh.

“Think about it,” Uncle Harry said. “Why else would a Southeast Missouri State University dropout criticize a former Dean of Harvard Law School, with such a complete lack of respect? He’s jealous. He has an issue with women, been married four times - he's jealous!”

“Okay,” I answered, “But, you do know that respect has never been one of his virtues.”

“He wants to have a sex change operation to run for office.” Harry said.

“Harry, he doesn’t need a sex change operation to run for political office.”

“He does now,” Harry responded. “He is so obviously jealous of Kagan. Either that, or the pilonidal abscess that earned him his 4F has gone to his brain.”

“Listen, Harry, I really think he’s afraid that she’ll have his radical radio show canceled.” I said. “Remember the article she published back in 1991 about hate speeches? She wrote that while he was playing around with his ‘DittoCam.’

"What color shirt was he wearing?"

"His soul color, black, with the top two buttons open trying to look cool."

“She wrote ‘Regulation of Hate Speech and Pornography After R.A.V.’ He mused. “I forgot about that. She even won awards for her law reviews."

“Right, when did Rush ever do anything scholarly?”

“He played the part of ‘Scarecrow’ in The Wizard of Oz once?” He asked.

“Not even ‘Tin Man,” I laughed.

“What’s R. A. V. anyways?” He asked.

“It’s the way the teenager in ‘R.A.V. vs City of St. Paul’ was identified in the court system. They didn’t divulge the kid’s real name because he committed a hate crime.”

“Rush always uses his big mouth to burn bridges. He's a radical with a mic.”

"Maybe he wants to be on the 2016 ticket with The Donald. Both of them claim they know how to save the country. Quick, Harry, take look at the pot calling the kettle "fat” on YouTube:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Challenging Donald J. Trump

by Rose A. Valenta

I was fortunate enough to attend the National Society of Newspaper Columnists (NSNC) “Rebound in Motown” Conference in Detroit, during the summer of 2011 ( . I witnessed the devastation there - empty office buildings, poverty, and iron bars on shop windows just around the corner from our Hotel. I ventured out on my own one day to hunt down a pharmacy and was shocked at what I saw. I gave some poor guy a dollar at the drug store, so he could check out. The clerk was doing his job behind a bullet-proof plexiglass window with a mechanical drawer. I saw a five-story office building for sale for only $200,000.00. I asked around and was told that the situation is much worse.

As a group, we saw the Heidelberg Project and attended TechTown. There, we noted that some progress is being made - but not enough. The city is in bankruptcy. Those beautiful frescoes at the DIA are in jeopardy of being sold and dismantled. It breaks my heart.

Just the other day, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted of racketeering and embezzlement. Shame on him! He got what he deserves. However, that doesn't undo the damage that was done, nor does it help the poor people of Detroit. Click here for details .

We live in a great country. We have many billionaires and multi-millionaires, who could successfully pool their work experiences and resources to offer short- and long-range solutions. I'm referring to folks like Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump. Trump claims that he can cut our $17 trillion National deficit. As far as I'm concerned, he should be challenged to put his money where his mouth is and save Detroit first, as a proving ground. We've seen enough wasteful spending on Presidential campaigns. Negative ad campaigns are non-productive and wasteful. How about starting with proactive solutions to save Detroit and just give us quarterly status reports in lieu of a billion dollar smear campaign (spare us) against the competition?

I am urging all of my readers, friends, family and co-workers, who are on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook; to post something at least once-a-week using hashtags (#) such as ‪#‎berkshirehathaway‬ ‪#‎billgates‬ ‪#‎warrenbuffet ‬‪#‎gatesfoundation‬ ‪#‎2030now‬ ‪#‎donaldtrump‬, etc. with a link to a column from the Detroit News or other Detroit news outlet, to get them all focused on finding a solution.

I am also challenging Donald J. Trump: If you think you can cut our $17 trillion deficit – prove it by starting with Detroit. If you are successful, I will vote for you. You don’t need to raise millions of dollars for a silly campaign. Do something constructive! You don’t need to shake hands and kiss babies. Give Detroit’s babies and ours some hope for the future.

Hitting the links with House Speaker John Boehner for more political fund-raising isn't a solution.

If you conjugate the verb "bullshit," it accurately describes every political campaign I've ever witnessed. It is time to actually DO SOMETHING!

This is my Tweet for today:
Projects worth supporting @gatesfoundation @WarrenBuffett #berkshirehathaway #billgates @gatespoverty #2030NOW

The link suggests supporting TechTown and other projects that have a positive impact on the community. It is the least we can do with our voices to contribute to a worthy cause. Yes?

Thank you!