Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Have a Crush on Manolo Suarez - 'House Divided'

I’m putting humor aside for now, to tell you about a blockbuster in the making, which was written by my prolific friend and colleague, Raul Ramos Y Sanchez. He is an International Latino Book Award-winning author, who has written a best-selling trilogy.

The first release, America Libre was made available at bookstores in July 2009. It is an action-packed story of love, ethnic turmoil, and intrigue; plus the author adds deeply moving, thought-provoking commentary. I just read an advanced copy of the second book in the trilogy, House Divided. It is a page-turner that will keep you entertained for hours.

Raul recently received the “Latino Literacy Books Into Movies Award” for America Libre. I don’t know who will be cast as the main character, but I know that I already have a crush on Manolo “Mano” Suarez.

Author, Raul Ramos Y Sanchez, receiving the Latino Books Into Movies Award (notice Eddie Olmos, the presenter).

Watch an excerpt of the awards VIDEO

Mano Suarez, a former decorated U.S. Army veteran turned insurgent, and his family live in a Los Angeles barrio scarred by many years of ethnic war. His focus is to keep his family together and survive. His wife, Rosa, is deeply religious and opposes the fighting. His son, Pedro, is a teenager trying to find himself; in the process, Pedro joins an extremist group that attacks innocent civilians. This does not set well with his father, who must battle both a fractured country dominated by demagogues and the terrorists in his own ranks—without betraying his son or losing his wife.

From a woman's perspective, I especially liked Rosa’s relationship with Celia, a local curandera (faith healer); but I don’t want to spoil this engaging novel for you by giving away the good parts. Just put this one on your “must read” list. One scene was written so well, it had me multi-tasking - dodging bullets, while smelling and craving cake.

“Contrary to what many might think, my novels do not defend illegal immigration. In fact, none of the major characters are undocumented and most are second and third generation U.S. citizens. But this assumption that AMERICA LIBRE and HOUSE DIVIDED support illegal immigration or are manifestos for an insurrection illustrates the often toxic misinformation that pervades this volatile topic. My novels are actually cautionary tales, a call for reason in an escalating war of words between extremists on both sides of the immigration issue. I also hope my work provides a more nuanced portrayal of Hispanics than is commonly depicted by the media.” Raul said, in a recent interview my Michael F. Stewart at The Big Thrill. You can read the entire interview here: The Big Thrill

Amazon is taking orders for House Divided here AMAZON.COM I’m going to order another copy for my Kindle.

You can read more about the author and the book on Raul Ramos Y Sanchez’ website.

Please follow him on Facebook, as he tends to have monthly autographed book giveaways. I have been following him there since we both attended a writer’s workshop at the University of Dayton in 2008.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why I Love (and Write) Humor at 'As the Pages Turn'

If you have been following my Sitting on Cold Porcelain virtual book tour that started on Monday, January 3rd, you will really get a kick out of this interview that I had with Dorothy Thompson at Pump Up Your Book:

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If you would like to win a free copy of Sitting on Cold Porcelain, just add a comment after reading the review at Acting Balanced and Ellis Reviews & Life.

Today, I've written a guest post "Why I Love to Read and Write Humor at As the Pages Turn. Please visit the site.

You can view the entire book tour schedule here - Sitting on Cold Porcelain Book Tour

I posted several guest columns on different sites with live links you can click to right on the tour schedule.

Isn't it amazing? I've been from New York to California without ever leaving Philadelphia. Since no one has used Skype yet, I can answer the interview questions without makeup, wearing my Pooh Bear bath robe and a pair of Joy Steele knock-off bunny slippers.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lady Marmalade Wants Her Corner Back

There are big problems in the United Kingdom, as marmalade has been upstaged by American peanut butter and chocolate as the breakfast food of choice among Brits.

So far this year, marmalade sales are down by 2.5 million jars. As peanut butter corners the market, Jimmy Carter might be grinning like a chessy cat, but the lemons and oranges are getting moldy and Paddington Bear is having schitt fits.

As a last ditch effort to get Lady Marmalade’s corner back, the 2011 Marmalade Festival will be held on February 13th and 14th offering “The World's Original Marmalade Award” to the best amateur entry at the festival.

Details about the festival can be found on the official website:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Virtual Book Tour January 3 - February 25, 2011

If you have been following the trend in publishing, you've noticed that everything is migrating to electronic media. That includes major newspapers, magazines, journals, and books.

So why not a whole book tour?

My virtual book tour starts today at 10:00 AM with an interview at "The Writer's Life." You can find the link under Sitting on Cold Porcelain Virtual Book Tour. Click on that link and go about halfway down the page to find the schedule and the link for January 3rd "The Writer's Life," or you can go to and click on my name in the right sidebar.

Every day, something new will be added.

From now until the end of February, you will be able to follow my tour and read book reviews, interviews, and guest columns online.

It has been a lot of hard work at Pump Up Your Book and from here to bring you this tour. I hope you enjoy taking part in this new development in Internet technology. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Have fun and thank you for joining my tour!