Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why I Love (and Write) Humor at 'As the Pages Turn'

If you have been following my Sitting on Cold Porcelain virtual book tour that started on Monday, January 3rd, you will really get a kick out of this interview that I had with Dorothy Thompson at Pump Up Your Book:

Click here to read it INTERVIEW

If you would like to win a free copy of Sitting on Cold Porcelain, just add a comment after reading the review at Acting Balanced and Ellis Reviews & Life.

Today, I've written a guest post "Why I Love to Read and Write Humor at As the Pages Turn. Please visit the site.

You can view the entire book tour schedule here - Sitting on Cold Porcelain Book Tour

I posted several guest columns on different sites with live links you can click to right on the tour schedule.

Isn't it amazing? I've been from New York to California without ever leaving Philadelphia. Since no one has used Skype yet, I can answer the interview questions without makeup, wearing my Pooh Bear bath robe and a pair of Joy Steele knock-off bunny slippers.



Marti said...

The recipe sounds wonderful and you are doing great on the virtual book tour! All the best to you!

Rose A. Valenta said...

Thanks, Marti!

The Baked Potato said...

Great Blog!