Monday, January 19, 2009

Zimbabwe’s First Lady Slam Dunks Paparazzi

Grace Mugabe, the unpopular First Lady of Zimbabwe, was minding her own business on a great shopping spree in Hong Kong’s Kowloon peninsula, when paparazzi decided to harass and photograph her for the tabloids. They figure the country is in so much debt that photographing her spending money is fair game.

Everyone knows that Grace is also known as Zimbabwe’s “First Shopper,” as she spends mega bucks on clothes and luxury items all the time.

Richard Jones, who works as a photographer in Hong Kong for the Sunday Times, got a little carried away with himself, flashing way too many bulbs in Grace’s face. However, Grace would have nothing to do with Jones’ shenanigans; so she decked him. Actually, she got her body guard to knock him down so she could tear into him.

According to Jones, who needed medical attention after the attack, Grace “erupted into a wild rage.” "There were a lot of cuts and abrasions and they're still visible." A 15% off coupon was still sticking out of his ear and a toll ticket was lodged up a nostril. A size 7 shoe was in a secret undisclosed location.

"Everybody knows the reputation her husband has, but of course it was completely shocking when it happened. It came out of the blue," Jones added with an innocent look on his face.

No arrests were made and Jones has not decided whether to press charges against Mugabe.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Grace is promoting her line of Gucci bags:

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