Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama Gets Down to Nuts and Bolts

Photo credit: Reuters

What do president-elect candidates do in their spare time, just before inauguration day?

They take a factory tour and inspect oversized bolts like the one pictured above and find it interesting, thanking their lucky stars for the free time, as that is all about to change.

President-elect Barack Obama woke up yesterday with nothing on the calendar, so he got on the hook and called Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company in Bedford, OH. He hadn’t seen many nuts and bolts since he was on the campaign trail. At the time, all the nuts were rooting for the Republicans and the bolts just got bigger, like a good omen, So, Cardinal Fastener gave him a pair of plastic goggles and took him on the grand tour of its factory.

This does sound like something a candidate would normally do during the time between the primary and the election, but our new president is enjoying taking pictures with bolts instead of babies these days. He is probably a bit bored with shaking hands and kissing powder monkeys for a while.

This weekend, Obama plans to take a ceremonial train ride from 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, PA, to Washington D.C., the same route that Abraham Lincoln followed, as he prepares for the inaugural celebration weekend.

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