Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tips for the Skiing Impaired

No one likes to be embarrassed at a luxury ski resort, like this unfortunate gentleman, so I suggest that you brush up on your skills in the Poconos with close friends before accepting an invitation to Colorado’s Vail Blue Sky basin.

According to the Smoking Gun website, the man pictured above “was stuck in the undignified position for about 15 minutes before Vail personnel were able to back the lift up and rescue him.”

Of course, his son was with him when it happened, so this guy is going to have one tough time convincing his kid that dad knows best.

• Make sure that the belt on your pants is tightly fastened in case you fall out of the lift.
• Ensure that the fold-down seat is in the correct raised position and not lowered.
• If you do fall, make sure that all those who are photographing the event get signed release forms, and you get compensated for exposing your butt, before putting your embarrassing moment on YouTube.

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This video contains another batch of potential hazards to avoid:


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