Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Candy Man Can

In Middletown, Ohio, a renegade teenager was caught after ordering over $37,000 worth of candy online using his school’s Purchase Order (PO) number.

The candy was ordered from The Goodies Factory, in Michigan, home of Treble Clef Lollipops and Hershey variety packs.

When the candy company noticed that the huge order of lollipops and candy bars were being shipped to a private address, they called the school and found out that the order was bogus.

Authorities asked the company to mail an empty box to the address given on the order. They arrested the teenager upon delivery.

The teenager allegedly acted alone and has been charged with two counts of felony telecommunications fraud. No one knows how he obtained the PO number. His bond is over $30,000.

A candy company spokesperson said that if it was a younger person, the order would have contained gummy bears and candy dots. So, they suspected that the perpetrator was a teenager or adult. “It couldn’t be a Mother’s Day gift either, unless his mother is Yo Mama.”

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