Friday, February 6, 2009

911 Dispatcher Eavesdrops on Drug Deal

Somewhere in Ohio, Alejandro Melendez was sitting in his car with a straw; his sheepdog, Cheech; and a monkey on his back. Cheech had accidently sniffed the last of the cocaine and was whining something that sounded like "Échale Salsita" in the back seat.

Melendez noticed two gringos in a Corvette with guns watching him. He was caught in a dilemma; should he call 911, or score some more crack? He sat there in a cold sweat. It was either his nerves or the monkey, he wasn’t sure which. He called 911.

He asked the dispatcher if he could put him on hold for a minute. Melendez was jonesing for a fix. As he put the dispatcher on hold, he called his supplier. The dispatcher got cut off, so he called back. Melendez thought that he had put the dispatcher on hold again, while he spoke with the drug supplier. However, the dispatcher heard the entire conversation.

The police dispatcher recording contains voices saying: "What you need? A 10-pack? You need a 10-pack? All right." Law enforcement says that a "10-pack" is a slang term meaning a bundle of heroin.

Of course, the dispatcher called the police and directed them to the location that Melendez gave. Police found cocaine in his trousers and arrested him for stupidity and possession.

No further information was reported regarding search warrants, Melendez’s Miranda rights, the guys in the Corvette, or his attorney.

The whereabouts of Cheech is still unknown. However, insiders claim that he was last seen loitering about The Mad Frog salsa club in Cincinnati.

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