Thursday, February 26, 2009

1400 Cans of Beer Busted in Brunei

It was an exciting beer smuggling operation on the high seas, just off the coast of Borneo. The delivery was to take place in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei; a predominately Muslim country.

It is against the strict religious laws of Islam to pop open a Bud in Borneo. The penalty for getting caught can be fatal; worse than walking the plank. You can actually lose your head before the beer does.

Authorities nailed the crew and cargo in the South China Sea, and discovered 1400 cans of beer.

Brunei's Royal Customs Department could not be reached for comment. Insiders say they were out sampling the contraband.

The Borneo Bulletin newspaper reported the incident along with a missing person’s report that suggests some of the smugglers were captured by local headhunters. They did not specify from which Malaysian state the culprits originally set sail.

As you know, beer has many uses. You can clean rusty razors with beer and it is highly acidic, making it an excellent meat tenderizer. Beer barbecue sauce is also tasty.

The smugglers will be charged as soon as they can be found.

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