Saturday, February 14, 2009

Matchmaker Matchmaker Look Through Your Books

On Valentine’s Day, I wanted to let you know of a new trend among the country’s wealthiest bachelors. As the stock market goes down the tubes, crumbling otherwise confident egos, the need for love sky rockets. I know that you have seen this phenomenon among primates as reported by Jane Goodall in “What do They do When There is Nothing to do?”

Prestigious New York matchmakers are reporting a booming business. Not only that, but these rich guys are not looking for one-night stands. They are actually seeking relationships.

"In these economic times, the dynamics have really shifted in favor of relationships," said Rachel Greenwald, matchmaker and author of a newly released book titled "Why He Didn't Call You Back."

"Casual dating seemed to be a by-product of the go-go days of past years when the stock market was booming," she said.

"People had disposable money and they wanted disposable relationships. Now things have really shifted emotionally."

Samantha Daniels, President of Samantha’s Table, says that she has many more clients, who are willing to pay over $25,000 to meet women.

“Some men simply have more time to focus on relationships because their business is on hold, for example those in real estate or hedge funds.” She alluded to the fact that some clients are not looking for “endless first dates with different women,” but want a partner, who will tolerate endless mood swings and temper tantrums that coincide with ticker tape reports.

"Everything is so volatile every day, and some days you're in a really bad mood," Daniels said. "Nothing is worse than if you're in a really bad mood and you have to put on your happy face for a first date and be all energetic and happy.”

"Men need to have something in their life that's stable. Usually it's their business life, but if it's not that, they're looking to have some stability in their personal life," she added.

The old one-night stand-owned website,, is a blog written by disgruntled ex-girlfriends or sour grapes, who think that a carriage ride in Central Park for Valentine’s Day is a poor substitute for expensive blings from Tiffany’s.

So, on this Valentine’s Day take heart; the silver lining in the economic dark cloud?

Love is among the futures on Wall Street.

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