Monday, December 22, 2008

Here Come the Judge

A Felony Court judge, Nicholas Ford, saw two men breaking into his wife's car and rather than call the police, he decided to take the law into his own hands and chase them down. His wife is District Judge Callie Baird. Two suspects were arrested and are now in custody.

Our super hero, Judge Ford, a former prosecutor, but no Olympic sprinter, told reporters that he had pinned one suspect down on the ground, but the guy managed to push him away and took off.

"I was fully antagonized," Judge Ford said. "I was just chugging. I'm not an elite runner. I thought I was going to have a grabber."

Ford caught up with the man, and police arrived and made an arrest. The second suspect was arrested nearby.

The judge got a first-hand look at the criminal justice system from the victim's standpoint. He was detained in the police station until 2 a.m., but signed an arrest warrant before he left.

No one knew if the car was a typical “come and get me” 2-door rear-wheel drive muscle car with a powerful V8 engine, the engine was running, or the Judge was in full robe for the chase.

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