Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The $10,000 Snowball Fight

After the Sunday night NY Jets vs. Seattle Seahawks game, where the Jets lost 13-3, damaging New York’s play-off hopes, a terrific snowball fight ensued. Seattle Fans booed and pelted the Jets team members with snowballs as each of them left the field. I’ve heard of sore losers, but I never heard of sore winners, but that’s what they did. NY Jets defensive, Shaun Ellis, couldn't stand it anymore, so he tossed a giant block of snow back at the fans. Consequently, the NFL fined him $10,000.

It was only snow and he didn’t lace the snowball with anything harmful, like an M80 for the few mean-spirited fans, so why the stiff penalty?

The fans, who were jeering and instigated the whole snowball throwing fiasco were not penalized. They all went back to the 49th parallel and honed their snowball throwing skills at Olympic National Park to keep in shape for next year.

A spokesman for the NFL said, "Shaun Ellis was fined $10,000 for tossing a large snow clump in the direction of fans. Players are notified prior to each season that any contact with fans that potentially presents crowd-control issues and risk of injury is prohibited, Players are informed that they must not confront fans at any time on game day and must leave those types of issues to security personnel," added the NFL.

Shaun, next time, hire the Phillies Phanatic to toss the snow. He only charges a C-note and the NFL can't touch him.

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