Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maddog Monopoly Game

A man in Michigan was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend during a game of monopoly. Apparently, she wouldn’t sell him Park Place and Boardwalk. All he had was Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues, the B&O Railroad, and the utility companies. So, he socked her and knocked off her glasses.

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The folks at Parker Brothers got wind of this story and initiated a new project. According to our source in Parker Brother’s R&D department, the original monocle-wearing man, who is the mascot named Rich Uncle Pennybags, is being replaced with a dude dressed in a leather outfit named Maddog.

The board will consist of forty spaces containing eighteen slums, two crack houses, two Mafia Restaurants, six gambling establishments, and several brothels. It will also include three Chance spaces, three Community Chest spaces, Luxury and Income Tax spaces, and four corner squares: GO ICE!, Jail, Bada Bing, and Go to Jail. The properties will be named after popular locations in or near New York City docks.

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