Friday, August 28, 2009

Of Architecture and Nudity

Photographer, Zach Hyman, has been getting into a world of trouble with the NYPD.

What did he do?

Apparently, our culture is still so archaic, that it frowns on real nudity; but allows all kinds of nudity to be viewed for entertainment on video, cable, and satellite TV channels. I suppose you could call it "hypocritical perversion" syndrome.

Mr. Hyman had been observing nude art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and wanted to take Andy Warhol-type photographs.

He paid a 26-year-old woman to disrobe outside the Met, so that he could capture both nudity and architecture. Next, he had her pose using a Frank Lloyd Wright building nearby. It was when he tried the same thing in the subway that all hell broke loose.

Horrors, Batman!

The NYPD was enraged, while observers were beginning to enjoy the new nude art learning curve, so the Batmobile was summoned.

Now, model Kathleen "K.C." Neill, who normally stays home with her two cats on Sunday making chocolate chip cookies for her neighbors, faces charges of public lewdness because she posed for Hyman.

Zach was stunned. After all, his Aunt Clara used to read Leviticus in the nude all the time when he was growing up in Queens.

“Haven’t any of these officials been to Rome?” he asked, as they confiscated his camera as evidence.

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