Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hillary’s Opinion is Credible - 'My husband is not the Secretary of State, I am'

On a recent visit to the Congo, Hillary responded to a student’s question with “"Wait, you want to know what my husband thinks? My husband is not the secretary of state - I am," Clinton said angrily.

You go Girl!

We all know how credible Bill’s comments are, and where his brains and the buffalo roam.

As you know, Hillary, now Secretary of State, holds the same office as famous diplomats such as Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, and Colin Powell. None of whom had to share the spotlight with a spouse, who had the intelligence of a primate.

Insiders claim that the reason Hillary was so angry even before the interview, was that she and Bill had been playing "Every Which Way But Loose" and Bill lost the keys to the handcuffs. She barely had time to apply her makeup.

Bill's Opinion:

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