Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mouse Builds Nest in ATM

About five people in LaGrande, Oregon, were trying to use an ATM machine at a local Gem Stop Chevron gas station. However, for every $20 requested, a mouse dropping would roll out of the money slot.

Angry citizens complained to the manager.

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Upon further investigation, employee, Sreedevi Patel, who opened the machine, screamed when she saw that a mouse had built a nest in there using $20 bills.

She had previously been yelling at customers “No ice for cooler! Drinks only, Buray! Buray! alavidha!,” (meaning “take a hike”) when several of them, who were on a camping trip tried to tap the free ice machine in the back of the building to keep food cold in a small cooler.

Local police were called to the scene, as one of the campers called to complain that the Gem Stop ATM had shit in it and they were probably getting low-grade gasoline for high test, in addition to being denied ice.

The Gem Stop passed inspection and the mouse was issued a warning and let go.

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