Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Your Easter T-Shirt

Do you remember the days when everybody had a little touch of class on Easter Sunday?

We went shopping and bought new clothes, a great looking hat, white gloves, and purse. Now, the new outfit is a pair of jeans and a wild rabbit t-shirt with the slogan “bite me” on the front. The white gloves became a car wash and the purse for all this is a mere $19.95.

Two ladies I know change their profile pictures on Facebook Easter Sunday to those of them wearing wide brim 1950s-style Easter bonnets, but then they actually schlep around the house all day in their pajamas drinking Malibu Bay Breezes and Cosmos, while the kids come over in colorful Easter egg t-shirts that read “I got Laid.” No wonder they drink.

Dinner is another story. Some Italian friends I know always had Italian wedding soup, mussels, antipasto, lamb (one that actually ran around in the garage for a few days before he got whacked) and loads of side dishes. I sent one of them an e-mail asking what delicious delicacies were destined for the Easter table this year. The response I got was a bit disappointing – Chinese take out, Bona Pasquala!

Not only that, but our new President is now telling everyone that we are no longer a Christian nation, and the Pope is ready to have a coronary, as a priest from Notre Dame invited the President to speak at the Catholic University. Additionally, Caroline Kennedy is getting lambasted in the media and by the church for being nominated as an Ambassador to the Vatican, as pro-choice - you know?

I believe that we should return to our old value system and celebrate Easter and Passover with a little class:

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