Friday, April 10, 2009

Gigante's Ghost Steals Bike

Vinnie "The Chin" Gigante's ghost was seen making off with a 1943 Huffy in Lewiston, Maine.

The Chin, who in life was the middle child in the schitzo family of Salvatore Gigante (one kid was a priest) and the boss of the Genovese crime family, wanted nothing to do with New York urban life, so he decided to come back to haunt this small community of about 35,000 residents.

Residents in a nearby nursing home where the bike theft took place, often see him in his bathrobe and slippers lifting the seats on all the commodes as part of his "bug act," so that Olympia "The Amazon" Rigatoni wouldn't try to mess with him.

Olympia, the night nurse, sat on cold porcelain about 15 times during the month of March alone, when temperatures were still below freezing and icicles formed quickly. On the Ides of March, the alleged apparition of the "Oddfather" ran up and down the hallways tugging on the end of a large roll of Charmin, leaving 5,000 double-ply sheets in the hallways.

The stolen 1943 Huffy belonged to 83-year-old Ruth Slovenski of Lewiston. However, rumor has it that she was once a gun moll and became a cooperating witness in 1943. The Huffy was a gift from ex-boyfriend Eliot Ness, who used her apartment to get out of working during the Harlem Riot of 1943. He told his supervisors that he was on to a new stoolie and needed the time to establish a relationship. He couldn't afford to buy her a new car on $12 a week, so he bought her the Huffy, saying that the exercise would be good and he liked the sound of her deep breath when she peddled uphill.

Slovenski told police that the bike had significant sentimental value and that It had one distinguishing mark, so that they can recognize it in lost and found. Her granddaughter "The Pepsi Girl" was still sitting in the wire basket trying to make Gigante an offer he couldn't refuse.

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