Sunday, October 19, 2008

South Carolina Gator Aid

Over 1,500 croc hunters in South Carolina have applied for 1,000 hunting licenses to kill pesky alligators. The critters have been causing havoc in local swimming pools, ditches, culverts, and back yards.

The kicker for most local residents is when they can’t let cats and dogs outside without some hungry gator waiting for a tasty lunch.

There are animal rights activists, who are concerned about whether or not the hunt is humane. While most experts use cross-bows, some inexperienced hunters are wandering into croc country with Colt 45s.

The way I look at it, they should simply sell a license to the Food Network and let Paula Deen or the Iron Chef create some great gator recipes, such as gator dogs, bourbon gator tenderloin, five-spice stir-fried gator with steamed rice.

Chinese recipes would definitely provide a solution to the overpopulation of gators. We could have gator lo mien, sesame gator, gator in garlic sauce, and gator chow mien.

Maybe a new recipe at the Charleston Peking Moon?

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