Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skinny Dipping in Tokyo

Today, October 7th 2008, is a day that will live in infamy. This is the day a gentleman from the U.K. disrobed and went skinny dipping at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan.

OK, so it wasn’t the Riviera, but how is it that one naked guy in a moat can cause more chaos than an alligator?

Kyodo News was on hand to televise the event, but had to distort the image when the guy got out of the water to wrestle with the police, who were trying to convince him to go to Hawaii for a little Kon'yoku.

Japan has very strict obscenity laws. The laws are so strict, in fact, that standing naked in front of your full-length bathroom mirror practicing Zumba is a cardinal sin. Plus, no one can actually read the obscenity laws written in the Japanese law books because it would be obscene, especially the part about frontal nudity as opposed to the “kiss my grits” variety.

After the man left, we were told that reporters waited outside the palace to ask if the Emperor saw the perpetrator. They got no response, as the Emperor was still in his room with 1,000 lit candles, a prayer book, and a jar of Fendall's EyeSaline.

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