Wednesday, March 3, 2010

‘When the Whistle Blows’ Its Prostitution and Pot in NYC

On March 1, 2010, Libertarian, Kristin Davis, announced that she is running for Governor of New York. She held a press conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in NY to throw her bra into the political arena.

The former Manhattan Madam said that her high school education, Bachelors degree (in finance), and the many years that she spent in the back of a paddy wagons have qualified her for the job.

Its P squared all the way: legalized prostitution and pot on her wedgies, I mean platform. She said the magic word “Taxed” when referring to P squared and THAT got their attention.

Why is City Hall fighting the inevitable? "These things happen on the streets of New York City anyway," she said.

She believes that controlling and taxing prostitution and pot will serve to lower real estate taxes. Real estate taxes are what caused Rush Limbaugh to put his $13.9 million penthouse apartment up for sale last week. We do not know if she got Rush’s endorsement.

Ms. Davis also supports gay marriage and freedom of choice. “Not just to raise campaign funds,” she insisted, but because she supports quality marriages.

She says that she is not part of the good ol’ boys “corrupt and dysfunctional system of NY State politics.”

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All she needs is 15,000 signatures on her petition for Governor to join the race and get her name put on the ballot. Many of her ladies will be out on the street collecting your John Hancock.

Trojan stock prices jumped 4% yesterday to $67.45 on word of Ms. Davis’ candidacy.

Ms. Davis will be discussing her platform soon on major shows such as The O'Reilly Factor, The Glenn Beck Show, and all other important mass-media.

I can't wait to see the flak.

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