Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coffee Party Fodder: Jim Wallis, Marty Duren, and Glenn Beck Rumble!

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt" ~ Mark Twain.


If you are looking for some good entertainment at your Sunday afternoon Coffee Party, bring a laptop and make sure there is wireless access. This might take a few hours, but it is time well spent.

We are all familiar with Glenn Beck’s show format and animated rantings, as well as the famous chalkboard, which made a cameo appearance at CPAC; however, not many of us are familiar with Jim Wallis or Marty Duren.

Jim Wallis (pictured) is very much like Glenn Beck, except he leads the Sojourners, a network of progressive Christians. Like Beck, he is very vocal and opinionated. He has asked people to boycott Beck and challenged him to a debate. Marty Duren is a Southern Baptist minister, who took Pat Roberson to task last January, for his remarks about Haiti, in a blog column titled “Dear Pat Robertson, SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH!!” and lambasted Beck in "Glenn Beck, biblical illiteracy and running."

Go to Marty’s website and check out the rants on his blog posts:

See the resemblance? (The marquee out in front of Pastor Richard G. Bakker's church in NY is the Christian chalkboard).

Next, go to Glenn’s website and read his posts:

There you will find topics such as “The Future of History, Glenn Beck in the Belly of the Beast," and "Glenn Hates Poor People.” Love him or hate him, we need him.

The main issue they are fighting about is whether or not Jesus was a political activist. Wallis and Duren claim that they have more work experience and insight about Jesus to preach on this topic. They strongly believe that Glenn should stick to current events and politics and leave religious topics to the experts, like them.

Glenn Beck doesn’t want to repeat history, and urges people to run away from religious groups and churches that “preach social and economic justice,” as it is a direct path to socialism.

As of this writing, no debate on this issue is scheduled between Beck, Duren, and Wallis.

On his return trip, I sure hope Jesus gets his own gig and sandscript board on JMJ Live and sets the record straight.

Don’t be surprised if these guys all end up in a fist fight over us perceived nimrods, who are too stupid to think for ourselves, and end up in a rapper tune called “Dueling Egos.”

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen was ahead of his time. I like my coffee with cream and sugar, along with some intelligent conversation, how about you?


Sonya said...

Um, Rosie, I read the original CNN article talking about the debate.
There are a few facts that you have missed.
1. Jim Wallis is the head of Sojourners, NOT Marty Duren.
2. Marty Duren never challenged Glenn Beck to a debate. That was also Jim Wallis.
3. The "chalkboard" church marquee pictured in your blog is United Church of Christ pastored by Richard G. Bakker, NOT Marty Duren. Marty Duren is a Southern Baptist.
So it is not at all surprising that "as of this writing, Glenn Beck has refused to publically debate the issue with Duren" since Mr. Duren has never challenged him to a debate.
Also, I know Marty Duren and that picture you have posted of Jim Wallis is NOT Marty Duren.

MartyorWallis said...
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Rose A. Valenta said...

Sonya, Mea culpa. Thanks for sharing. Rose

Rose A. Valenta said...

I'll just do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek on that second comment :)