Monday, March 1, 2010

'Airplane!' Poland

I’m not sure if Ryanair uses a banana base coat on its scratch-off lottery tickets, but one of its passengers traveling from Poland to the U.K. ate one of them; it was worth $15,000.

Celebrations in the US have taken an economic downturn. You’ve been in one of those Chinese buffets, when its birthday time: all of a sudden the three chipmunks come over the paging system singing “appy birday too ewe! appy Birday too ewe!” and then two or three very excited servers, wearing flip-flops on a sticky floor, bring a kiwi-flavored cupcake to the table with a lighted birthday candle. The total cost of the party is under $40, beating even Rachael Ray. Wouldn’t $15,000 be nice?

Read news article: Polish guy eats $15,000

In this case, a very excited Ryanair airline crew brought the passenger a bottle of champagne and the fabulous news that he won $15,000, singing “You’re in The Money!”

The guy asked for his money.

He was told he could cash in the ticket when they landed.

The guy asked for his money and threw a temper tantrum. Apparently, he needs a crash course in anger management.

The rattled stewardess summoned the Captain.

The Captain threw on the autopilot instructing the co-pilot to take care of the dead bugs and pelican greeting on the windshield, as they were also irritating him.

The Captain told the passenger that this particular flight does not carry $15,000 in the petty cash drawer.

"We're at 37,000 feet," he said. "you can go to the lottery office when we land. Meanwhile the co-pilot needs to borrow some handi-wipes."

The passenger threatened to eat the scratch-off ticket.

One of the crew members grabbed a seat cushion and tried to bribe him with a sandwich or some pizza.

“Down Simba!”

The guy ate the ticket.

Stephen McNamara, a spokesperson for Ryanair told the media “Ryanair is now asking passengers to vote on which type of charity Ryanair should donate the $15,000 prize money.”

You can log on to the Ryanair website and vote for anger management, eating and digestive disorders, disruptive children’s, or mental health charities.

“All these charities are ready to benefit from a real meal ticket!” McNamara said. “In the last two year’s Ryanair’s scratch cards have given away 10 cars, over €300,000 in cash prizes and over 100,000 flight vouchers. Passengers have always been delighted to claim their large cash prizes after returning home. Unfortunately our latest winner felt that we should have his $15,000 prize kicking around on the aircraft.”

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