Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wam Bam Put a Cork in It

Police and Firemen were dodging a foray of corks in Wamsutter, Wyoming; yesterday after a cargo truck carrying hundreds of bottles of wine caught fire on a major highway.

"The corks were popping out of the bottles like the old Jiffy Pop (popcorn) we grew up with," a Highway Patrolman said. "My trooper got hit in the arm with one."

The fire was attributed to a locked brake or hub malfunction on the wine truck.
Stumble bums were sopping up the booze in the street like Billy Bob Thornton enjoying passive smoke from a marijuana fire in “Homegrown.”

Old ladies were out buying mulled spices and swinging ladles before the fire crew turned on the hydrants; The ladies auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus were scoffing up the debris for Wine cork trivet projects; and the Where Does it Go? "Envy" film crew showed up to invent still another product.


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