Sunday, September 6, 2009

Extract: Beware the Sweat Pants – A New Comedy

You probably remember the blockbuster comedy from Mike Judge called “Office Space.”

Peter Gibbons tries to get downsized by "The Bobs," while one of the other office workers, Milton, keeps getting his desk moved until it ends up in the basement. He has been laid off for a few years, but no one told him and he is still on the payroll. Then, he goes postal and sets the company on fire.

I always remember that red stapler for some reason. Especially when I take on new contract writing assignments for three- to four-month projects. Near the end of the each contract, I would call my recruiter and ask if I got an extension or a red stapler.

More often than not, it was an extension, but everyone enjoyed the connotation of the stapler.

Mike Judge just produced another comedy called “Extract.” This one is even funnier, starring Jason Bateman & Ben Affleck. Judge first became famous for “Bevis & Butthead” and its foibles of human behavior.

In “Extract,” Jason Bateman owns a food extract manufacturing company and is in a hilarious endeavor to grow the business, while his wife cuts off his water wearing sweat pants with a draw string. As a result, he finds an admin in the office with a G-string and fights his frustrations with Ben Affleck.

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