Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN - “Freelance Performing Artists” and the IRS

I thought that I would put humor aside today, to bring you something stupid:

ACORN accused the producers of the video below of capitalizing on yellow journalism. It depicts an ACORN representative, a pimp, and a hooker (two were ringers), of duping the IRS.

The hooker, Kenya, visited the ACORN office in Baltimore and told them that she and the pimp wanted to set up their own business, a brothel in their home. They claimed to be earning $8,000 a month or $96,000 annually. The ACORN representative told them to claim an annual income of only $9,600 with the IRS, listing their occupation as "freelance performing artists."

"It's not dancing, trust me," the pimp said.

That’s OK, you can’t put “chime ringer” on your 1040.


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