Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nancy Pelosi: A Dead Donkey?

Nancy Pelosi is running for House Minority Leader. You have to wonder why, right?

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In her recent interview with Diane Sawyer, Pelosi said that she believes Obama is going to win in 2012. I’m not sure how many other people agree with her, but I believe that he has as much chance at winning that election as Monty Paulsen.

Recent polls show that Pelosi only has an 11% approval rating among registered voters. About 47% of the registered voters think she should leave the country - you know, most of us do read the fine print on bills and contracts before we sign them. However, we're not Rush Limbaugh whiney-mouthy about it by sending up the Goodyear blimp either. Rush thinks his listeners need their noses rubbed into it 24x7, like we need to listen to multi-millionaire bullies. He needs an extreme makeover and she is in denial.

I did some research and found out that 70-year-old Nancy is worth about $15 million and has a nice home in Washington, DC and Pacific Heights, CA; as well as a millionaire husband, five grown children, and seven grandchildren. She should quit while she is still ahead, otherwise her rating may drop down to 1%, Obama will lose, and she will realize that she could have been spending her money taking the grandchildren to Disneyland and drinking margaritas with her husband in Aruba or something else exciting and fun. At least with him, her approval rating is greater than 11%.

I don’t see the productivity and sense of accomplishment in either riding or beating a dead donkey.

All the Pelosi’s sent the following video, labeled "Grandma We Love You" to Nancy, hoping that she will change her mind; take them to Disneyland, and write memoirs...then, become a Republican or a conservative Democrat, so she can go talk to Ann Coulter and figure out she has a better approval rating with them and enjoys Disneyland better.

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1 comment:

Fragrant Liar said...

Absolutely. Dems need some new blood at the helm. They need someone who's tough and can corral the scattered Dems onto the same race track, heading the same direction to deliver the same message. Like the angry herd of elephants have become masters at. So yeah, Pelosi has done her job, and now it's time for a real mustang to take over.

More importantly, where are all the Independent lions? And by lions, I don't mean those who throw their allegiance willy-nilly to the freshest meat of the day. I mean a real third party with a massive pride.