Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hungry an Hour Later? Try The Rattlesnake Chicken

You can forget the standard entrees that you normally find on Chinese Restaurant menus, such as foo young, lo mien, spring rolls (a.k.a egg rolls), wonton, firecracker beef, steamed fish, and suey. These are the dishes that make you hungry within an hour after you eat.

Gourmet chefs in the southern province of Guangdong, near Chongqing, have invented a meal comprised of chickens, which have first been bitten to death by poisonous snakes. The meal is detoxing, but doesn't leave you hungry either.

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This unnamed dish has gone underground in some establishments, just like our previous VP, to a secret undisclosed location, until some adventurous soul wishes to sample the delicacy.

At the Gourmet Wok, you don't need to speak Chinese to order the entree. When your server arrives at your table, just smile, bow slightly, and say "hisssssssss."

Some customers are even allowed to witness the entire process, from rattlesnake to cock-pot. It tends to mellow the appetite.

They would not allow the process video to be uploaded on YouTube, but you can access it at this URL:


Of course, animal rights activists in China are upset about the new dish, but then where were they when my cat was kidnapped in the back alley of the Peking Moon?

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Yikes! don't think I'll be having Chinese for dinner tonight! That was hilarious!

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