Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Economic Fallout - The Week in Review

The US economy is getting so bad that the five mafia families are laying off senators and judges.

The Mexican Peso is up on word that a whole truck load of Polacks got caught sneaking into Mexico last week. Investors are forecasting a boon in ancho goĊ‚abkis and Emmeril Podlawski is opening a Cajun/Polish-style restaurant in Tijuana.

Just last week, the El Dorado Gift Shop at 1332 Revolution Avenue, was giving away tourist coupons to the famous Krakow Cotton Club; as well as travel brochures describing all the other famous hot-spots in Poland.

In Italy, Chrysler and Fiat have completed the deal that will leave Fiat owning 20% of the new Chrysler Group. In America, the same company is belly-up, defunct, sconfitto, poof!

In the Middle East, a war of words between two political rivals in Iran was reduced to some juicy language. Many variations of obscene gestures and "Jad showere" (up yours) intensified, only two days before the presidential elections.

Congress has been investigating Bernard Madoff. Great! The guy who took $50 billion and pulled a David Copperfield, making it disappear is being investigated by the same group of people, who made $750 billion disappear.

Many people are now trying to find the stash:

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