Saturday, June 24, 2017

Did FDR Really Send a Navy Destroyer to Pickup Fala?

Are you wondering what event made our economy go to the dogs?

It didn’t happen overnight. It has taken decades to sink our economic ship.

What was the first leak in the bilge?

Actually it all started in 1944, when our Democratic President, FDR, sent a Navy destroyer to pick up his dog, Fala, who promptly peed in the bilge with excitement at a taxpayer cost of $20 million.

The president was visiting the Aleutian Islands, at the time, and had accidentally left Fala behind. He didn't have to worry about predators, since there was so much radioactive fallout from Amchitka, there was nothing there still alive to harm the little fellow. They could have simply parachuted in some dog chow to tide him over for a few weeks.

Fala (a.k.a. Murray the Outlaw of Falahill) was later given rank - honorary private in the US Army. This maneuver was, I assume, a measure to appease the conscience of those in government responsible for allowing this frivolous expense.

Yes, the Democrats started the whole thing.

I’m told that during The Battle of the Bulge, “Fala” was the code name used to prevent German soldiers from infiltrating American ranks. So, they also used the excuse that Fala was a spy and entitled to compensation.

Fala traveled on the president’s airplane, Sacred Cow; FDR’s train car, the Ferdinand Magellan; and attended important events, such as the Atlantic Charter Conference, as well as meeting with diplomats including British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. In fact, Mexico’s President, Manuel Avila, even fed him tacos.

Republicans raised such a stink about Fala, that FDR had to justify himself during the 1944 election. He flip-flopped the issue during a speech to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America; and said that “his critics sullied the reputation of a defenseless dog just to distract Americans from more pressing issues facing the country.”

Sound familiar?

I’m waiting now to see if does a Fala graphic on its logo, September 23rd, showing the “L” as a Navy Destroyer with a Scotch Terrier at the helm to commemorate the event.

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