Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slumdog Dixie Gets Hosed

A hardworking dedicated Snohomish, Washington, police officer might be getting laid off, even though she has never drawn a paycheck.

The fate of Dixie, the drug sniffing police dog, rests in the hands of city council, while it approves budget cuts.

Dixie, pictured above with partner, Sgt. Jeffrey Sheldon, has an impressive resume. She has discovered many pounds of drugs and over $25,000 in drug money without getting paid. Her only reward, has been a length of hydraulic hose to gnaw on - her most treasured toy.

That's a lot less than minimum wage, right?

Voters in Washington State approved a minimum wage of $8.55 per hour, which applies to both agriculture and non-agricultural jobs, like sniffing out marijuana, although in some cases workers may be paid 85% of that wage, or $7.27 an hour. That could buy Dixie many essentials at PetSmart. But, just a few hugs and then get hosed? Meh!

If you would like to complain about mutt sweatshop labor, you can e-mail Chief John Turner - - at the Snohomish Police Department.

Industry analysts equate Dixie's position on the Snohomish Police Force to the overall global apathy of sweatshop labor:

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Michael Dare said...

Dixie should rot in hell seven doggy years for every year being served by a pot smoker put in jail on his testimony.