Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Injured Deer Seeks Treatment

A deer made an unexpected visit to a Rossfield, OH, PetSmart recently, after suffering minor injuries by a careless hit and run driver.

The deer, who is not a mathematician, claims that he was traveling at about 55 mph in the northbound lane of a major highway when an SUV doing 65 mph, 10 miles over the speed limit, made contact with his butt and sent him sailing at 120 mph into a nearby cornfield. Visions of Bambi and old salt licks raced through his brain.

Needless to say, his pride was crushed. So was the front-end of the SUV.

Stunned and shaken, he didn’t get the license number of the SUV that hit him, but did spot the nearby PetSmart store. He limped over a large bumper lying on the road, and made his way to the strip mall.

The pet shop employees said that they were used to people bringing their pets to the store for treatment on days when the veterinarian is there, but never before has an animal demonstrated assertiveness in seeking help.

Manager, Trudi Urie, said that the deer was loitering about the back entrance waiting for the store to open. As soon as employees opened up, the deer ran into the stock room with its injured leg.

The veterinarian, Agustin Cuesta, was not in the store that day so he had the deer brought into his clinic and closed a wound on its hind leg with dissolvable stitches as assistants held it down.

After the animal was treated, they let him loose.

When the deer got back into the woods, his family was waiting for him. They celebrated his recovery with C'mere Deer Shake ‘n Takes™.

Some animals do have common sense, unlike this one trying to commit hara-kiri in the video:

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