Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Says the Church is Not Modern? Vatican TV on YouTube

In 1995, the Vatican opened its web site Now, it is modernizing mass by securing an accord with YouTube for its own channel. Those involved in the initiative include Google, the Vatican Television Center, and Vatican Radio.

The new channel will allow Catholics to see the Pope and attend church events.

A Vatican press conference will be scheduled by Henrique de Castro, who is the managing director of media solutions for Google. It also owns YouTube.

If you log on to the Vatican website, you will first see an “I can beat you in dominoes” board game; then, when you click on the buttons, you get access to about 1000 years of church and papal history.

I snooped around looking for Fibonacci numbers, but couldn't find anything, except for a few suspicious looking characters painted on the outside walls of the Papal Basilica.

The new and imprimatur-approved videos are designed to stifle these by Remi Gaillard:

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