Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Merry Men of MANuary

All across America, the month of January is being celebrated as Men’s History Month, or “MANuary.”

The movement, which began early in the Millennium, has gained in popularity and is the American male’s answer to GLBT History Month (October), Black History Month (February), and Women’s History Month (May).

It’s OK to give a guy a box of candy during MANuary, but in lieu of flowers, they prefer that twins Iris and Daisy jump out of a cake during the grand finale gala celebration on January 31st.

“Celebrating the lives of great men is important, especially for our young people who don't see many men break through the glass ceiling and lead major corporations or hold top governmental positions. Nothing against our state's two fine senators but, typically, they are two middle-aged white women,” reported Sam McManis of the SFGate.

Yes, MANuary is the month to celebrate all things Y-chromosome. There is even a “Men of Manuary” group on Facebook with over 2,000 members.

Our high school seniors actually have an itinerary. Among the MANuary things they do and don’t:

1. No shaving for the entire month, not even a trim

2. Participate in a weekly “tool guy” dress day at school

3. Take a swim in frigid water

4. Chop down a tree

5. Read "The Masculine Mystique"

6. Read Ben Franklin in American HERstory class

7. Complete a Sudoku in a sauna

8. Eat a MANwich within an allotted time frame

9. Maintain control of the TV remote, this is an apprenticeship

10. Leave the seat "up," also apprenticeship

I’m looking forward to the results of the Man Olympics scheduled for MANuary 30th -31st.

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