Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amateur Art – Putin Painting Fetches $1.1 Million at Auction

A snowfall painting by amateur artist and Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, was recently auctioned for charity. It raised $1.1 million, or 37 million rubles.

The painting is one of a snowfall viewed by looking through a window. We are not sure if it is a scene similar to the ones he watched while earning his black belt and completing his KGB course in Okhta, Leningrad; or if it represents many sleepless nights in St. Petersburg, looking out the window, while serving on the Committee for External Relations.

News sources say that he completed the painting with the help of a professional in 20 minutes.

The bidding was exciting at the auction house, starting at only 20,000 rubles and ending in an impressive bidding frenzy.

This auction was superseded only by one other in Thailand; it was a painting that was done by an elephant, also assisted by a professional.

"Of all the paintings presented there, this was the best one," said a spokeswoman for "Our Artists," the Moscow gallery that bought the painting.

I found the Thailand video below:

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