Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trend Hunter Magazine Rocks!

Where do you go when you want to read about the latest and greatest trends in technology, fashion, sex, pop culture, celebrities, advertising, business, going “Green”, art and design, life, luxury, science, and the bizarre?

Every techno geek in the universe would direct you to Trend Hunter Magazine. Plus, its affiliate Trend Hunter TV. They have taken the Internet by storm!

According to the magazine editors, Trend Hunter has “6-8 million monthly views and is the world's largest, most popular trend community, fueled by a global network of 26,000 members. It is a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious.”

Every day, Trend Hunter provides a wide variety of micro-trends, viral news, and pop culture.

I was looking at the “Hot” articles of the day and found in the top 10, Cartoon Celebellishments, Bushy Signatures, Luxury Lawnmowers, Movie Wardrobe Upgrades, Giant Bubblegum Sculptures, Revamped RetroKicks, Amphibious Automobiles, Microscopic Villages, Magazine T=Shirtorials, and Fringed Frocks.

If you are on the cutting edge of cool, you can become a Trend Hunter yourself and contribute articles to the magazine.

In a recent article by Trish Tucknott “Human Belly Branding,” I learned that the new fad involves scarring in lieu of tattoos.

In Bianca Bartz’ “80 Things You Can Get For Free” I found out about marketers, who give away freebees like vacation packages, food, and botox and boob jobs.

Everything you need to know is in Trend Hunter Magazine - Check it out:

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