Tuesday, April 28, 2009

People Actually Gauge Farts on Twitter

I was checking the Allweirdnews.com web site today and found this article about a guy named Randy Sarafan, who has roughly 200 people on Twitter following his farts.

This takes office boredom to an all time low.

Apparently, Randy rigged his office chair to detect the methane density of his farts. Then, he transmits the information to his Twitter followers.

The technology is not complicated and involves a natural gas sendor, Arduino, and XBee wireless.

I couldn’t believe this, so I went out on Twitter to find Randy Sarafan.

Instead, I found @captainfart with 2,322 followers, www.silentbutdeadlyfartclub.com with a stink-o-meter, @fart_master, @fartsandwich, and a few others with fewer followers.

America’s new preoccupation:

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