Monday, March 2, 2009

Pasadena Accepts ‘No Cussing Challenge’

If you are the parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of teenagers; or you really need to clean up your own foul language; you will be pleased to learn of a “No Cussing” movement started a year ago, by 14-year-old McKay Hatch of Pasadena, CA. It is gaining in popularity and has members from 47 U.S. States and 20 foreign countries. The club website is up and running and people who wish to join, can sign up at

This week, Pasadena is joining the week-long “No Cussing Challenge,” which officially begins on March 3rd.

Amid both kudos and death threats for his efforts, founder, McKay Hatch, now 15, is well on his way to launching a successful marketing career. He has appeared on FoxNews, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Dr. Phil Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America, and American Idol’s; he has been interviewed by many publications including Time Magazine and Boy’s Life.

According to Hatch, “Our members take the No Cussing Challenge, which is a commitment to themselves to use better language. This commitment not only improves their lives but also the world around them. Through our motto, "Leave People Better Than You Found Them" our members are also looking for opportunities everyday to help people and lift them up through their words and actions.”

I hope this effort succeeds, or at least makes a positive impact on our society, as I’m getting fed up with all the Sam Kinison-type routines that I find and try to avoid in public places frequented by chronic cussers. I had to provide earmuffs to my elderly aunt once, so we could just get past the front entrance to the local deli. No, we didn't have osteoporosis, we were dodging those sonic four-letter-words. Pirates would call this "language pillage."

Most of us have about 250 tiny hairs on each eardrum that act as mechanoreceptors for hearing. You can lose 50 of those hairs just walking past the video store at the mall. We need more folks like McKay Hatch before people, who are proficient at using better adjectives, permanently cringe and their eardrums go bald.

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