Friday, March 20, 2009

One too many beers? Gmail Lets You 'Undo Sent' Messages

You know the feeling; you’ve had one too many beers and start e-mailing everyone on your list to brag about your new phishing skills and the spyware that you installed on their PC the last time you visited.

“Hey, you visited about 250 times, since last week. What’s up with that?” you say.

“I really think your sister’s kids are ugly and your grandmother wears combat boots,” goes another.

“Your ex showed up at my house last week – naked, and the devil made me do it.”

“I can activate your web cam anytime I want, wanna see?”

“You never told me that you sit at your laptop in the nude. My friend was over here last night and I looked in on you, but I quickly hit the ‘Boss’ button, when you reached up for your Java book. How can you sit there looking up code at three O’clock in the morning?”

“That e-mail you sent to your significant other was a bit ridiculous – pookey pookey poo?”

Then you decide to tell off the President for the AIG fiasco, and add a few expletives about Rush Limbaugh, not that Rush doesn’t deserve the expletives, but you sent it directly to the White House and the blood rush you were referring to while describing his brain wasn’t very well received by the Secret Service.

Then you sober up – "Oh shit! I forgot to set the beer timer."

Well good news! Gmail now has a new feature called “Undo Sent,” you should sign up for the service.

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