Thursday, September 16, 2010

NFL to Regulate Testosterone

You know how it can get in a major league locker room when a young attractive woman with a boob job in tight jeans walks in to interview a player, right?

Why do sports media make women do these things?

Last Saturday, Ines Sainz, a Mexican network TV sports reporter was on assignment to interview a Jets player. When she walked in to conduct the interview, all eyes were not on the camera. There were cat calls, whistles, and two naked men going ballistic. Hand towels were frantically being draped over the naked towel racks. One player passed out from holding his breath and two were caught salivating inside a locker.

In the background, you could hear the Beastie Boys "This is Just a Test" on the radio.

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Coach Woody (no pun intended) Johnson was no exception, but he was hiding behind a shower curtain, trying to act like Obama.

After all the excitement was over, Woody issued a public apology to Ms. Sainz.

A memo went out from the NFL to all 32 teams, warning them to tone down the testosterone when female reporters visit their turf.

There is no easy solution to this problem. They way I look at it, Ms. Sainz has every right to dress in tight jeans and expose her $25,000 boob job. However, when it comes to actually entering a major league locker room to interview players, she should send an assistant – someone like Ruth Buzzi, for instance. I think you could actually get an intelligent Playboy-type interview then. The Jets would be better equipped to focus on the questions and answers, rather than try to avoid Woody.

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