Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Biden and Cheney Get Cheesed Off

The highlight of President’s Day weekend was watching Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Dick Cheney go at it on Meet The Press, This Week, and Face The Nation.

Biden and Cheney disagreed on four major points:

1. Handling of the Christmas Day Bomber
2. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s trial
3. Waterboarding
4. Credit for winding down the war in Iraq

In the case of the Christmas Day bomber and Shaikh Mohammed, Cheney said they should not be tried in civilian court, but rather by a military commission, so they can get their asses kicked appropriately. He is also a strong advocate of “waterboarding” as a form of interrogation.

Cheney also noted that the current administration should thank the Bush administration for taking the initiative in winding down the war in Iraq.

Biden thinks Cheney is out of touch with reality and almost asked what he was smoking regarding waterboarding. He said that that form of torture is “not effective.”

Biden noted all the hard work and great strides the new administration has achieved in Iraq. It started to sound like a Tommy and Dickie Smothers routine.

Biden is probably right, however, you know how it is when you miss few days of work and you go back into the office to find out that there were several crucial staff meetings in your absence. Everything you learn is second-hand information and unreliable.

Cheney has been out of the loop for over a year. Before that, they kept absconding with him to secret undisclosed locations. So, what does he know?

Meanwhile, Shaikh Mohammed’s defense team has been trying to drum up sympathy for the bugger at Guantanamo, but no one is buying his sob story. In the photo below, the military had just played Motor City 5’s "Up Against the Wall" in his cell at high decibels, rather than waterboarding and he was getting a bit punchy:

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed posing for holy pictures at Guantanamo. Photo credit: AP

This is probably the only point Cheney actually won in his foray against Joe Biden.

What good did all this negative publicity do for the American people aside from feeding the dueling VP's personal agendas and egos?

Why these politicians insist on sharing their hissy fits in the media is beyond me.

In the famous words of Will Rogers “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

See "Biden and Cheney Duke it Out" courtesy of newsy.com:

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