Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don’t Take Too Long, ‘There's a goat in my trunk’

A woman in Winona, MN, with a broken serpentine belt stopped at a local repair shop to get the car fixed. The mechanic told her that it would take an hour to repair. She told the guy not to take much longer than that because she had a goat in her trunk.

Of course, the mechanic thought she was kidding, so after the woman left, he ate his lunch. Then, he began to replace the belt.

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The mechanic thought that he heard something that sounded like a child crying in the trunk of the vehicle.

He checked around and no one was smoking pot, so he ruled out a passive high. Next, he checked to make sure that Willie Nelson wasn't playing on the radio. Then, he enlisted the assistance of a fellow worker and asked if he too heard anything unusual coming from the trunk of the car.

The other employee said that he was hung over, so they asked a third person for an opinion.

Together they opened the trunk and found a goat with its feet tied together. It was spray-painted purple and gold and its sides were shaved Brett Favre number four.

The police were called and the goat was confiscated. The woman was let go after she claimed that she was taking it to a Minnesota Vikings game.

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