Friday, August 14, 2009

Doctor Fired For Bashing Dunkin' Donuts

In Pensacola, FL, the Bay County Health Department under the leadership of Dr. Jason Newsom, began a war on obesity, much to the chagrin of tourists.

After replacing candy bars with peanuts in vending machines, Newsom placed Electronic signs outside with the following warnings:

"Sweet Tea = Liquid Sugar."
"Hamburger = Spare Tire."
"French Fries = Thunder Thighs."

KFC was mentioned by brand name to make people think twice about eating fried chicken. However, Dr. Newsom pushed the envelope when he added "America Dies on Dunkin'."

"I picked on doughnuts because those things are ubiquitous in this county. Everywhere I went, there were two dozen doughnuts on the back table. At church, there were always doughnuts on the back table at Sunday school. It is social expectation thing," says Newsom.

He angered the powers that be when he banned donuts from meetings and threatened to trash any donuts that he saw in break rooms.

He was asked to resign for bashing the products using brand names.

"I think he was somewhat of a zealot," County Commissioner Mike Thomas said. "I don't have a problem with him pushing an agenda, it's the way he did it. People borrowed money to go into business and they are being attacked by the government."

Later, it was revealed that Thomas owns a donut shop and a diner.

After resigning, Newsom reapplied for the job.

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