Sunday, July 26, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Nose Lifted From Morgue

Steven King will love this story, as it is the epitome of macabre.

Someone actually stole Michael Jackson’s prosthetic nose from his surgically mangled face at the LA morgue.

After the theft, all that remained in its place was a small dark hole surrounded by particles of cartilage.

Apparently, Rolling Stone magazine has pictures of the singer’s body on the autopsy table sans nose.

What will happen to the nose?

Probably, there will be a proliferation of prosthetic noses for sale on eBay. Insiders say that already, a factory in Beijing, China, has designed a knock-off mold and is offering to drop-ship the noses to eBay buyers.

The real nose will probably be fenced to a rich collector for $10 million and be displayed in a Thriller Armoir.

Detectives at the LAPD said that Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, might be a person of interest in the theft.

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