Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear Sir or Madman

In a recent news article for Reuters, Nina Lex and Janet Guttsman claim that the most common mistakes people make on resumes and cover letters include "Dear Sir or Madman", "I'm attacking my resume for you to review", "Following is a grief overview of my skills" and "I have a keen eye for derail.”

While most of us are diligent in editing our resumes, often asking friends to take a look before sending it out to companies or recruiters, some of us are really piss-poor spellers and so are our family members and friends.

Since most hiring managers and executives would not hire anyone with a single typo, you can’t ask your 90-year-old relative, who has been sitting around watching Lawrence Welk and Gomer Pile reruns all day, to proof read it for you.

"Son, lookee here, this here list is missing an 'a.' You know, a one ana two..."

In these difficult economic times you have to land the job. So, if you can’t spell everything on your grocery shopping list or rely on spell checker to get the job done right; but have a great loyal friend, who gives wallbangers a new meaning; more drastic measures can be taken:

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