Saturday, September 21, 2013

Russia Developing a New Bomb

Everyone is speculating on what Russian strategy will convince Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, to turn over his chemical weapons in the name of peace. My good friend Natasha, who works in Moscow assures me that Vladimir Putin has a good plan. Instead of twisting Bashar’s arm, he will visit with the First Lady, Asma al-Assad, and demonstrate a different type of Russian bomb that has no chemicals or TNT, but is just as effective, hoping that she will offer to intervene.

President Obama was given a demonstration last week. Both he and Secretary of State, John Kerry, think that Asma will like it and surely convince Bashar to import the new bomb in lieu of chemicals:


Barb Best said...

Pretty funny! Nude ice skating may catch on, too... but frostbite?

Beth Bartlett said...

That was wrong, yet so AWESOME!! I haven't giggled that much in a long time.