Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hilarious Read - 'Rebel Without a Minivan'

There is a serious side to author, Tracy Beckerman, but she rarely pays attention. She figures it’s her built-in marketer, publicist, and agent. A nuisance at best, but also a necessity when it comes to selling her terrific book, “Rebel Without a Minivan.”

It’s the career person in her that is left over from her days managing the Advertising & Promotion department at WCBS-TV New York, and creating award-winning TV and radio scripts for such clients as Lifetime Television, WCBS-TV, CBS and NBC.

Then she went and got married and had kids. In Tracy's own words "For some people, it’s a seamless transition. 'Okay kids, pile in the minivan; after soccer practice, we’re going out for a Happy Meal!' Wahoo!

For me, it was more like going through a car wash without a car.

And it wasn’t just the suburb thing. It was the whole, 'married-mother-of-two-and-a-dog who moved to the suburbs' thing. I wondered: How did I get here? Where did all this cellulite come from? Who are these two children, and why do they keep calling me Mommy?

These are the questions that kept me awake at night (that, and the aforementioned two children yelling for drinks of water). I figured the only way I could get any sleep was to put a water cooler in the hallway and start writing a column for the local paper.”

The book describes her transitional life and you will absolutely love the stories!

You know the class we all took on TA that describes how to interact with people on different levels: Parent, Adult, and Child? Tracy has one more transaction "Survival." It’s the part of every woman's character that says "It’s either me or the potty-chair generation, and I'm rather sick of throwing Cheerios in the john for target practice, watching Blues Clues, and playing ‘Fish.”

Tracy’s book is targeted towards stay-at-home moms, who need to relate to someone else with similar life experiences.

She says that “Not surprisingly, this neglected demographic includes a substantial niche of women who have left the work force to stay home with their children. According to a recent Census Bureau survey, about 10.6 million mothers have chosen to stay home with their children… up 13 percent in less than a decade!”

See, that’s her serious side again.

She also writes a hilarious column called Lost in Suburbia. It is syndicated monthly to 390 newspapers in the Gatehouse Media chain, which reaches an audience of nearly 2.5 million readers in 23 states.

You can purchase the book on her website or at

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