Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do You Think Modern Culture Has Corrupted the Amish?

This news release describes a scandalous incident that occurred in Leon, NY, a predominantly Amish community:

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Apparently, two Amish youths were having a good time being rowdy in their buggy, when Detective Nathan Root, driving an unmarked car, overheard the following conversation:

“Things haven’t been the same around here, since Raymond left us to open a night club act in Vegas.”

“Yep, I remember him. He’s the one, who used to mess with the tourists and get us all reported to the Chamber.”

“That be Raymond!”

“His father raised ducks over near Stoltz Creek and he held sex education classes there every Friday night. He called it ‘slam-dunk 101.’

Lots of hooting and hollering ensued.

“Once he took Elvira Stube out on a date and she came back soaked and half drowned. I thought her father was going to kill Raymond.”

“Here, have another Coors.”

With that, the pair was pulled over and arrested for possession of alcohol. Police also found a collection of Road Kill cookbooks, some machine stitched quilts bearing Amish handmade labels, and a variety of 100-proof jams.

The two teenagers have been arrested once before for drinking and listening to radios.

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